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Frida’s Boutique

Free, quality clothing that you and your family will love.

LGBTQ+ Support

A safe place for young people to meet others with similar experiences.


Classes, workshops, and seminars designed to empower YOU. Be sure to check the public calendar for upcoming events.

Sexual and Reproductive Health Education

Childbirth prep, infant feeding classes, and much more!


Events to engage community members and leaders in critical conversations to move the needle of progress forward.

Menstrual Justice

We believe that menstrual hygiene is a human right.

Affirming Health Care Plan

Improved access to quality health and mental health care


Frida’s Boutique

Good quality clothing you and your family will love.

We believe that having good quality clothing can help improve the health and wellbeing of a family in many ways. Whether it is clothing for your children to wear to school, a new outfit for you to wear to a new job, or that item that fits just right and helps you find confidence in yourself; clothing can make a difference! That’s why we created and maintain Frida’s Boutique. Everything in the closet is free and there is no limit on how much you can take. We feature clothing of all sizes, styles, and genders.

Women’s dress/casual

Men’s suits

Children's clothing


Shoes and boots

Purses and belts

The Story of Frida

A Mexican trans woman, sex worker, and domestic violence and trafficking survivor and advocate

The Boutique is maintained by volunteers, and is a great way for students needing volunteer hours to get involved.

Frida’s Boutique is open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10am-12pm, and donations are accepted at these times as well as by appointment.

Help keep our closet stocked with quality clothing

Whether it is spring cleaning time, or the kids just went ahead and outgrew everything they had, we take donations at any time. Our only requirements are that the clothing not have stains or holes and that they are in good condition.

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