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Free, quality clothing that you and your family will love.

LGBTQ+ Support

A safe place for young people to meet others with similar experiences.


Classes, workshops, and seminars designed to empower YOU. Be sure to check the public calendar for upcoming events.

Sexual and Reproductive Health Education

Childbirth prep, infant feeding classes, and much more!


Events to engage community members and leaders in critical conversations to move the needle of progress forward.

Menstrual Justice

We believe that menstrual hygiene is a human right.

Affirming Health Care Plan

Improved access to quality health and mental health care


LGBTQ+ Support

At Solace, we celebrate everyone for exactly who they are in that moment!

LGBTQ+ youth face increased social stigma related to their identities, and they also must navigate the internal pressures associated with growing up and becoming more comfortable in their bodies and perspectives. Based on the increased anti LGBTQ+ legislation being proposed and passed in the United States, it is clear that LGBTQ+ youth are at risk for harm. For example, 45% of LGBTQ+ youth have seriously considered attempting suicide*. This statistic is significantly reduced when LGBTQ+ youth live in a community that supports them*.

Our LGBTQ+ Youth Programming is designed to create a safe and affirming place for young people (ages 13 to 17) to meet others who share in the same or similar experiences and have the same or similar questions out of life.

Support Groups

On the third Monday of every month, we invite LGBTQ+ teens to join us for one of two closed support groups. Each month, we’ll visit a theme relevant to young people and follow the flow! We are committed to keeping this space safe for your teen, so these support groups are smaller and are by registration only.

LGBTQ teens @ 5:00pm
Trans and Non-binary teens @ 6:30

Teen Social Night

On the third Saturday of every month, our Teen Social Night provides the opportunity to hang out, make new friends, and get to know each other in a more casual and relaxed atmosphere. Play games, draw or craft, listen to music, dance, just sit and talk. Plan on dropping them off at “The Solace Space” at 5 and picking them up at 7 with some new stories and maybe some new “snaps”.

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